One of the things that makes Howard Community Academy unique is that we have dedicated time for our Wellbeing Curriculum. This is taught in addition to our PSHE curriculum, on ‘Wellbeing Days’ at the start of each half term.

In each year group the children learn about characteristic behaviours through reading and discussing stories, appraising and creating artwork and through reflection on experiences and examples in real-life and fictional events.

The content of our Wellbeing Curriculum, including the design of the Pupil Passports, was created in collaboration with members of the whole-school community. This was intentional, so that the experiences the children have and the books they read are diverse, inclusive and reflective of the world around us.

Children tell us they love the Wellbeing Days and are happy to talk about how learning about the characteristic behaviours is helping them to recognise their own and others’ emotions. This development of emotional literacy and empathy aligns closely with our school values.

If you would like to find out more about our Wellbeing Curriculum, the pupil passports and our wellbeing days please contact us.

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