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At Howard Primary we aim to support every child in becoming more than they ever thought they could be. Within a safe and nurturing environment we seek to provide our children with a curriculum which is engaging and exciting but also challenging in order to help every child reach their full potential.

Howard Community Academy is a school with community at its heart. Our school works hand in hand with the local community to be a place where families are supported, and parents are actively involved in the life of the school and the education of their children.

Our aim is that, through high quality teaching, by the time a child leaves us, they will have the skills and confidence to be able to be independent and successful learners and be positively involved in the wider community. We seek to ensure that every child will have gained happy memories and rich experiences, and that they will believe that being a pupil at Howard Community Academy was the making of them.

At the heart of all we do, Howard Community Academy promotes the values of being safe, being calm and being respectful.

At Howard Community Academy we want children to:

  • Be successful and ambitious learners who are resilient in the face of a challenge;
  • Enjoy your topics and love coming to school;
  • Feel safe and know that you are cared about;
  • Take pride in where you live and help make it a better place.


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