Good attendance matters - every day counts

Good attendance matters: pupils with good attendance generally do well at school and also enjoy school more.  Good attendance is also important as it encourages the development of other responsible patterns of behaviour.


If your child is going to be off school please contact us on 01284 766278 and press option 1 to report the absence to the absence line. Please leave your child’s name and the reason for the absence.

If your child needs a doctor’s appointment, or any other medical appointment, we advise you to try to make the appointment at the beginning or end of the day to stop disruption to the school day. However, we are aware this cannot always be the case. For any pre-booked medical appointments, please make us aware prior to the day of the appointment and either bring in the appointment letter to reception or send in a copy to so this can be logged.

In the event of the school closing, please see the school closure procedure.

We appreciate your support with attendance.

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