What is Forest School?

Originally a Scandinavian idea, Forest School is learning in the outdoors and a dedicated time for children to experience nature in a safe, secure and hands on way.  Forest School gives children the chance to embrace the challenges a natural environment provides and to learn new skills through first-hand experience.

What happens in a Forest School session?

The themes of learning at Forest School are inspired by the children, which means that each session is different. We follow the children’s interests and enthusiasms but at the same time link what we are doing to classroom work and the curriculum. A range of challenging, achievable and fun activities are planned through which the children develop a range of skills. These activities include games, story telling, role play, crafts, species identification and recording information using pictures, words and photographs. Each session will also include a circle time.

Forest School Develops:

  • Confidence and self esteem
  • Communication and social skills
  • Physical skills
  • Greater understanding and awareness of the natural environment
  • Natural motivation and a positive attitude to learning
  • The ability to recognise and manage risk
  • A knowledge of healthier lifestyles

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