In the interests of safety, and to ensure normal supervision for the children, parents are requested to ensure their children are supervised until the classroom doors open at 8.40 am, when they will be able to meet their teacher and prepare for the start of the school day. Other timings are as follows:

Session Start Session End
Door Open/First Bell 8.40am
Registration 8.50am
Monday (Whole School) 9.00am 9.20am
Wednesday (Reading for pleasure, or singing) 2.50pm 3.10pm
Friday (Celebration Assembly) 2.45pm 3.15pm
Morning Sessions
Learning time 8.50am 10.30am
Morning Play 10.30am 10.45am
Lunch 12 noon 12.45pm
Afternoon Sessions
Learning time 1.00pm 3.20pm
Afternoon Play 1.45pm 2.00pm








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