Thank you for giving up your time today and the informative tour of the school.

We are still marveling at your students work, in fact we became so engrossed in the artwork, I feel sure we could see more details than the various artists intended, in fact that is the true inspiration of art, allowing others to interpret as their minds allow.

On arriving in the classroom and being given permission to enter whilst a class was in progress, allowed us to witness a polite attentive group, of young people interested in learning, the collective poem on the wall caught us by surprise, it was uncluttered, conveying a clear, to the point, pertinent message.

Young people seeing us walking along, un-asked holding doors open for us, was a treat in itself.

Keep up the Excellent Work,

Thank You,

Warmest Regards,

Nigel Wolstenholme



+44 (0)1284 766278

Howard Community Academy, Beard Road, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, IP32 6SA

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